What Kind of Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injury is Needed?

The kind of treatment for rotator cuff injury while entirely up to you does follow a regular pattern. It unfortunately usually begins after an accident or strain that has caused the injury in the first place.

Physician Visit

Whether you begin your treatment for rotator cuff injury in an emergency room or with your family doctor, this is indeed the first place you need to be if you have injured your rotator cuff. Here the doctor will be able to judge how serious the injury is and if, for instance, immediate treatment for rotator cuff injury would require surgery. It normally does not, but it can, so it is always important to consult with a professional first.

Physical Treatment

Your doctor may include as part of your treatment for rotator cuff injury a sling or other means to secure the arm closer to the body while the immediate healing process begins. With this type of injury it can be very important to be immobile in the initial stages but that will shortly change. Be sure to follow any advice your doctor may have on any specific physical treatment for rotator cuff injury is required.

Physical Therapy

One of the definite of required treatment for rotator cuff injuries is physical therapy. Once the injury has had enough time to heal to allow for motion exercises you will need to practice them. The type of exercise that is chosen for your treatment for rotator cuff injury should be closely adhered to if you desire to have your full mobility and flexibility returned to a rotator cuff injured shoulder and arm.

Overall, it is always best to follow any advice given to you by doctors or therapist when dealing with this type of accidental or strain related injury.

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