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What Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy is?

The area of the rotator cuff is actually a group of four tendons. These tendons rotate the shoulder. As with the body and other aging matters, injuries or just age itself can be the source of the degeneration of this group of tendons. This is referred to as Tendinopathy.

Since shoulder care and injuries is a huge concern among primary care professionals, a lot of research and information has been gathered in recent years that have led to a greater understanding of rotator cuff tendinopathy.

As scar tissue or age combined with bursitis, rotator cuff tendinopathy does tend to get increasingly worse. Having your doctor help you choose a great exercise regimen to help the muscles and tendons in the shoulder to stay strong may indeed combat rotator cuff tendinopathy immensely.

Often this type if issue will require a few frequent doctor visits to begin with to be sure you are not suffering from other ailments that could be causing the pain. Once it is determined that rotator cuff tendinopathy is the problem, your medical professional may decide that your best option is to attend a series of physical therapy treatments.

They may also advise you to exercise the tendons and muscles on your own time with a few easy exercises targeting to helping to heal rotator cuff tendinopathy. Following the doctors or therapist order is the key in helping to further the healing in this area that is problematic for a large part of our population in this country alone.