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Rotator Cuff Recovery

Rotator cuff recovery from a rotator cuff injury or surgery can be a long, complicated process. Rehabilitation post surgery is one of the biggest downtimes of rotator cuff procedures.

If the injury is mild, your surgeon’s rotator cuff recovery instructions will be that you completely rest the injured shoulder until it recovers. Mild inflammations and inflamed bursae can be treated with rest and physical therapy, after a thorough checkup and MRI scan to ensure there are no secondary complications.

Rotator cuff recovery from a more serious injury would require that the shoulder be bound in a tight tape bandage that cannot be removed easily. Since the shoulder is one of the main areas of the body and therefore involved in many different body movements, keeping this area immobile is very essential to recovery.

Inflammations are mostly treated using steroids. Once the inflammation reduces, the shoulder is moved in particular ways using physical therapy procedures. The initial movements are meant to get the shoulder get used to lifting the arm. The more complex exercises allow the shoulder to remember how to rotate the arm and how to pull objects.

Rotator cuff recovery from surgery is the toughest. If the surgery is arthroscopic, recovery includes the same process as when the rotator cuff is injured. Usually surgery is not recommended unless the rotator cuff is torn all the way through the tendon. For mild tears, physical therapy and rest are the prescribed norms.

Once the tear in the tendon is stitched up, the shoulder is bound and packed tightly into a sling. Rotator cuff recovery doesn’t take too long if the patient responds well. In the case of an open surgery, rotator cuff recovery can take a long time because the larger incision has to heal and the pain is more severe.