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About The Rotator Cuff Recovery Kit

I went over the Rotator Cuff Recovery Kit and I will write a few explanations with a brief overview of the most important issues I’m going to use during my 6 weeks exercises for rotator cuff training program.

The Rotator Cuff Recovery Kit

Illustrated exercises – exercises with very descriptive pictures on how to do the exercises.

Instructional videos – I just love the videos, they are very informative and simple to understand.

Training program – to help you keep track of the your exercise plan.

Common exercise mistakes people usually do and explanations how to do them right. This information is really important because even good intention can lead to bad results and we don’t want this to happen.

How to prevent rotator cuff injuries when performing the exercises for rotator cuff.

This kit looks very impressive. This is definitely not one of the scamy product!

My Workout Program is Going to Include

  1. 6 weeks training program – 3 days/week
  2. Stretching and range of motion exercises – every day

Let’s have some fun 🙂


Exercises for Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

Exercises for rotator cuff tendonitis are designed to increase the muscle strength as well as rebuild healthy tissues and tendons that may have received prior injuries.

Exercise #1

Exercises for rotator cuff tendonitis will normally be done while sitting or standing but this particular one will be done Read more…

Exercises For Rotator Cuff Muscles

Exercises For Rotator Cuff Muscles

Exercises For Rotator Cuff Muscles That Work

There are absolutely a wide variety of muscles you can work out in the gym. If you look at just one muscle group, there are possibly hundreds of different exercises already. Just like the abs for example.

Bearing that in mind, you must realize how easy it is to overlook other important muscles that allow you to carry out Read more…

Rotator Cuff Exercises

Is rotator cuff surgery necessary for shoulder tendon tears?

The muscles in the shoulders make up the rotator cuff. These muscles are used often as they provide a lot of function in allowing people to go about their day to day tasks. Athletes are another group of people who make use of their shoulders excessively depending on the sport they are playing.

With that, the tendons in the shoulders are very prone to getting injured and having tears. If the injury is not very severe, then rotator cuff exercises may be able to correct the problem. The Rotator Cuff Recovery Kit is a program that will deliver the excellent rotator cuff exercises that will not require any medication or any procedures. Nonetheless, if the shoulder tendon tears are very severe, then surgery may be required.

It would be best to consult with the doctor if rotator cuff exercises do not contribute much after a few days. Of course, for rehabilitation purposes, the advices from the Rotator Cuff Recovery Kit are very essential for recovery as it will give key tips in lessening the likelihood of future complications.

To find out if you could do away with a surgical procedure on your shoulders, go here.

Starting the Exercises for Rotator Cuff Training Program

So today I’ve started the first week of the exercises for rotator cuff training kit. As I said, I’m going to do an exercises for rotator cuff 6 week’s program, and this time I’m not going to be lazy!

I’m going to complete the program all the way!

The main purpose of writing this blog is to motivate myself not to quit the exercises somewhere after the first week, as I did before, and I’ll be more than happy to motivate other rotator cuff sufferers as well. Once a week I will update here my progress in the program and in between I will also write about rotator cuff issues.

I want to clarify one thing before I begin; the exercises for rotator cuff strengthening are usually being neglected at the gym. Most people do only the weight lifting exercises for body building, and that’s a total different thing.

Ladies, you don’t have to worry about accidentally blowing your muscles, the rotator cuff exercises work on strengthening your muscles from within. To cut it short, no excuses for you (lol).

The first workout was a little bit painful, after such a long time I didn’t exercise, but I hope I’m going to feel the change soon (and finally be able to sleep at night peacefully…).


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