Rotator Cuff Surgery Recovery Time

The rotator cuff surgery recovery time depends on what kind of cuff surgery is performed. The recovery time is less in the case of arthroscopic surgery and longer in the case of open surgery.

Rotator cuff surgery recovery time during the initial phase takes about 6 weeks, during which time the shoulder and its muscles do not do any work directly. The shoulder will be moved passively, without stressing on the repair by your therapist. Your therapist can also instruct you on how to move your shoulder without harming your newly healed muscles.

When the tendons are sufficiently healed, the active shoulder motion begins. You can move your arm without applying any resistance on it. The active motion phase can last up to 12 weeks from the time of the surgery.

The third and most important phase of rotator cuff surgery recovery time is the strengthening phase. Your shoulder muscles become weak due to the injury, the trauma of the surgery, and the lack of use during the early recovery stages. You need to now perform shoulder strengthening physical therapy to strengthen those disused muscles. Once the muscles are healed you can get back to your normal routines.

Full rotator cuff surgery recovery time after surgery takes about 4 to 6 months and up to a year in some cases. What determines the rotator cuff surgery recovery time are the size of the rotator cuff tear and your body’s ability to heal the tendons. The rotator cuff surgery recovery time and the reversion to regular routines also depend on your commitment to rehabilitation procedures.

The rotator cuff surgery recovery time can longer with a possibility of infection post surgery or injury during exercises if the patient is a chronic diabetic.

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