Rotator Cuff Surgery Cost

Rotator cuff surgery is a procedure that repairs torn or severely inflamed rotator cuff tendons of the shoulder.  Surgery is performed if the rotator cuff does not respond positively to medication or physical therapy.  In the United States, the average rotator cuff surgery cost can vary from $300 to $15,000 towards hospital expenses and from $225 to $4,750 towards doctor’s fee. Again, these average rotator cuff surgery costs depend on the type of surgery that is performed.

Rotator Cuff Surgery Type 1: Arthroscopic Surgery

If the rotator cuff tear is of partial thickness, that is, if the tendon is not torn through, then arthroscopic surgery is recommended. In this type of surgery, small tubes with miniscule cameras at the end are inserted via multiple tiny incisions into the cuff. This type of minimum invasion surgery can be performed without an overnight stay, which cuts down the cost, which averages $7,000.

Open Shoulder Surgery

A full thickness tear where the tendon is torn through requires an open surgery under general anesthesia. This invasive surgery requires a large incision to be made. Cuts are made into muscles, scar tissue is removed and tendons are reattached to the bone, causing the patient to stay in the hospital from two to five nights. The rotator cuff surgery cost averages $17,450.

The recovery period requires several consultations with the surgeon and the physical therapist, plus medications all of which add up to other expenses. Apart from the surgical expenses, one has to calculate the medications, physical therapy, post-surgical consultations, and loss of wages and so on when calculating the overall rotator cuff surgery cost.

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