Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation Exercises

When a rotator cuff injury or surgery heals, it is necessary that the patient perform several rotator cuff rehabilitation exercises to get the shoulder back on track. These rotator cuff rehabilitation exercises are different depending on the kind of injury that has occurred or the type of surgery that has been performed.

How a patient heals after a rotator cuff surgery depends entirely on the how well the patient performs rotator cuff rehabilitation exercises. Activities that may re-injure the healing tendons must completely be avoided. Rotator cuff rehabilitation exercises can vary widely; however, certain general principles hold good for most patients who have surgery for a rotator cuff tear.

Warm up Exercises:  5 minutes of stretches warms up the body for exercise. When muscles and tendons are warmed, the range of motion improves, thus decreasing the risk of injury.

Strength Building: The rotator cuff muscles must be strengthened slowly by loading the muscles slightly beyond their limits. This must be done only when the muscles are fully healed. If not, anything from chronic inflammation to microscopic tears can occur.

After ten or twelve repetitions of a rotator cuff rehabilitation exercises set, a patient might feel a little fatigued. It is important to know and recognize fatigue and not push the healing muscles beyond their limit. Keeping the elbows slightly bent makes the muscles work harder. This increases the effectiveness of the exercise. When a joint is locked while exercising, there are chances of injury to the joint.

While exercising, the patient must move slowly and smoothly without jerking. Pulling and lifting exercises must be done with a three-second break after every pull and lift.  The patient must breathe deeply while exercising and exhale while lifting the arm and inhale while lowering the arm.

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