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Rotator Cuff Exercises

Can I have a clicking and grinding sensation after having rotator cuff surgery complications?

When some people go through surgery to fix their rotator cuff problem, there may be some challenges in making the procedure completely successful. However, another important aspect would be to perform rotator cuff exercises after the surgery in order to promote healing.

There may also be times when the clicking and grinding would occur months after a surgery. This may be related to Read more…

Rotator Cuff Exercises

How to heal a rotator cuff injury?

In order to heal a rotator cuff injury, it would first be necessary to know the level of severity of the injury. If it is very urgent, then it must be taken to the doctor immediately. There is the possibility that a lot of muscles, and even bones, were involved in the injury. However, if the person is able to bear the pain, then he could go about the healing process on his own.

In particular, doing rotator cuff exercises would be able to bring about the most benefit if one were to do self-help. To Read more…

Rotator Cuff Exercises

Does the rotator cuff repair if muscles are beginning to atrophy?

Muscle atrophy is not necessarily a sign of recovery. This is seen as having the muscles to become smaller in size which would make them weaker. This may be due to not doing rotator cuff exercises. These are very important movements Read more…

Rotator Cuff Exercises

Does the front of the shoulder hurt if you have a rotator cuff injury?

A rotator cuff injury may come in different forms. In most cases, it would be a tear or a sprain in the muscles of the shoulders that was brought about by excessive arm movement without prior conditioning. With regards to the part of the shoulder that would hurt, it is quite likely for the front of the shoulder to Read more…

Rotator Cuff Exercises

Why does my bicep hurt after rotator cuff surgery?

Surgery in the rotator cuff could sometimes go through some complications. In some cases where the biceps would tend to feel discomfort, it is possible that a nerve connecting to the biceps muscle could have been provoked. At this time, the arm should not be overworked to get the biceps to heal. On the off hand, it Read more…