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Starting the Exercises for Rotator Cuff Training Program

So today I’ve started the first week of the exercises for rotator cuff training kit. As I said, I’m going to do an exercises for rotator cuff 6 week’s program, and this time I’m not going to be lazy!

I’m going to complete the program all the way!

The main purpose of writing this blog is to motivate myself not to quit the exercises somewhere after the first week, as I did before, and I’ll be more than happy to motivate other rotator cuff sufferers as well. Once a week I will update here my progress in the program and in between I will also write about rotator cuff issues.

I want to clarify one thing before I begin; the exercises for rotator cuff strengthening are usually being neglected at the gym. Most people do only the weight lifting exercises for body building, and that’s a total different thing.

Ladies, you don’t have to worry about accidentally blowing your muscles, the rotator cuff exercises work on strengthening your muscles from within. To cut it short, no excuses for you (lol).

The first workout was a little bit painful, after such a long time I didn’t exercise, but I hope I’m going to feel the change soon (and finally be able to sleep at night peacefully…).


Exercises for Rotator Cuff Training Program – End of Week 1

Okay, so the first week of the exercises for rotator cuff 6 weeks recovery kit is behind me. First of all, people at the gym were looking at me all the time, because I actually printed the exercises and took them with me. It was embarrassing at first, but then they got used to it and some where even interested in what I was doing.

Anyway, the exercises were a little bit frustrating the first couple days because I didn’t exercise for such a long period of time, and I felt some discomfort and pain during the exercises, but I know it will get better.

What I realized so far is that the stretching exercises should be taken seriously, and it’s very important to do them every day because it really helps to ease the pain after the workout.

Till next time,


Exercises for Rotator Cuff Training Program – End of Week 2

Today I completed 2 full weeks of the program. I have to say that I’m really starting to feel some improvements, the pain is getting weaker and I feel I can move my shoulder better than before. It’s still difficult for me to sleep on my right side at night, and sometimes I role over on this side in my sleep, and when I wake up it hurts a little bit.

Overall I’m very satisfied with the program so far, there is a wide range of exercises for rotator cuff strengthening and also many shoulder stretching exercises, so it’s not boring following the program.

Tip: To perform some of the exercises you will need tubing. You can either get one at the gym (if one is available), or you can buy a special rubber band physiotherapists usually recommend.

Rotator Cuff Exercises

Exercises for Rotator Cuff Training Program – End of Week 3

I’m half way through the exercises for rotator cuff 6 weeks recovery kit and I’m already feeling so much better. It gets easier from time to time performing the exercises for rotator cuff strengthening in the program. It’s also easier for me to do simple activities I couldn’t before without having severe pain in my shoulder.

I can lift my shopping bags (although I still try not to lift heavy bags so I won’t damage my shoulder more than I already have), brush my hair with less pain and I can even move the computer mouse (until about a week or so I used my left hand to move the mouse, and that’s really not comfortable…).

I hope next week will be even better…


Rotator Cuff Exercises

Exercises for Rotator Cuff Training Program – End of Week 4

It’s been four weeks since I started the exercises for rotator cuff 6 weeks program and I feel that my shoulder is really getting better every day. I feel a big difference in almost any activity I do, I don’t even wake up with shoulder pain anymore when I accidentally sleep on my right shoulder.

It’s not easy to be persistent for such a long period of time, but both the ultimate rotator cuff training program and the self stretching guide contain many exercises, so I sometimes switch between the exercises, and it prevents my laziness from taking over me.

It’s important to find something to keep you motivated. If you know it’s going to be very difficult for you to stick to the program, just make it a fun activity such as: doing the program together with a good friend, going to the gym when your favorite series is on and watch it as you do the exercises, or even listen to your favorite songs on your MP3.

Whatever keeps you motivated… 🙂

Good luck,


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